Pastoral Care

A Word from The Minister of Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care begins at Penney Retirement Community by recognizing the dignity and worth of each individual and a commitment to treat a person and their loved ones with respect and compassion.

At Penney Retirement Community we respect the faith traditions of each resident and, when requested, Penney Memorial Church Chaplains will contact a resident’s pastor or representative of their faith community.

We recognize that PRC residents have their own family traditions, come from different cultural backgrounds, and have their own unique ways of expressing what gives their life meaning. PMC Chaplains respect these differences and seek to provide the kind of religious support each resident needs as an individual.

If you would like a pastoral visit or to speak with a chaplain, you may call George Hull, PRC Minister of Pastoral Care:  (904) 627-4077 (click)

A Chaplain of the week is on-call and can be contacted in the event of an emergency by calling the Chaplain Hotline:  (904) 315-9112 (click)


Pastoral Care at PMC (this document)

PMC – Course in Pastoral Care

Funeral Readings

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