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CTRN Directory

As the PMC web site is accessed by the public, we do not store your personal contact information here. You may view contact information of others by clicking the logo below:

You must have a CTRN account and be logged in to CTRN with the browser you are using to view the PMC directory. Be sure to set CTRN to remember your login.

If you are a PRC resident and do not have an account visit the CTRN link.  Follow the instructions on how to obtain an account.

Note: If you have not visited CTRN recently, you may be logged out. In that case when you click on a link it will bring up the login page and then the main directory page. Once logged in use the back button to return to the PMC website and click on the directory link again. At this point you will go directly to the CTRN page you desire.


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You may also receive an e-mail on Saturday afternoon with a list of Upcoming Events.  The weekly e-mail previously was a compilation of the daily e-mails.

If you sign up we will see your e-mail address but no other information.

If you reply to a Mailchimp e-mail, the response will be read by the PMC Webmaster.

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