Social Concerns Ministry

The Social Concerns Ministry provides guidance to Penney Memorial Church and the Penney Retirement Community as they seek to carry out their responsibility to meet human needs by promoting reconciliation, justice, peace, and the sustainability of the environment, thus expressing the love of Jesus they Christ for all neighbors.

The Ministry plans and presents at least four public programs yearly designed to inform and challenge PMC and PRC on current social issues. Traditionally, these programs have included the Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend, one dealing with the current Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD) conference, a celebration of international day of peace, and one on Black history.

The Ministry cooperates with other like-minded groups and activities on the campus such as other PMC Ministries, Mobility worldwide, and broader inter-denominational and community agencies to involve PMC members and PRC residents in plans of social action. These include CROP walk, the Green Cove Springs food pantry, bread for the world, fair trade sales, the Christmas Salvation Army Drive in December, and more.

The Ministry initiates critical studies and activities to deepen residents’ understanding of current issues in Christian social ethics.

Joy Carol, Chair, Social Concerns Ministry

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