Church News 01/23/2020

Members of PMC:

Please come to the Annual Meeting of the Congregation on Wednesday, January 26th at 7 PM in the Sanctuary. Wear a mask. We will still be distanced but not as much as for Worship. (no singing). If the Sanctuary is full when you arrive, please go to the Gathering Room, the Fellowship Room or the Classroom. The meeting will be broadcast on Channel 21. Monitors in those rooms will count attendees and votes.

Attached is the (click) 2022 Income and Expense Statment,

(click) Balance Sheet

and the (click) updated Nomination Slate.

If you cannot attend the meeting in person, absentee ballots are available in the church office. Call for a ballot to be put in your HUB box or come in person to get the ballot. The ballots must be returned to the church office or into any of the PMC collection boxes in the HUB and ALF’s by noon on the 26th.

Printed copies of the agenda, By-Law Amendment, Board Nomination Slate and 2022 Budget will be available at the meeting and also in the office with absentee ballots.

If there is to be any nomination from the floor, please give Martha Gale advance notice.

Its been a good 2021, despite Coronavirus. We thank ALL of you for cooperation and patience.


Barbara Knight

Secretary, PMC Board

Click for Church Bulletin and Order of Worship

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Church News 01/16/2022

Click to download Part 1 of the Bulletin.

Click to download Part 2 of the Bulletin.



Applications are being accepted for the above position. This position assumes a work week of about 10 hours per week. The main features of this job relate to Building Access (opening and closing the church), Set-up of rooms, Cleaning and Storage and Supplies.

Please contact myself or the current Caretaker, Harry Parrott for further information or walk-through.

J. Veldman

Chair, Personnel Committee, PMC

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